This is where you start on your qwest for an ‘Awesome Physique’.  Below are two calculators.  The first one is the “Greek Ideal” calculator.  The ancient Greeks had a definite ideal as to how the male physique should look like.

You can see it in their art work and sculptures.  The great Eugene Sandow was one of the most famous people to achieve this standard of muscularity.  Today, actors like Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig closely represent the modern day Greek Ideal.

If the “Greek Ideal” represents your ideal of an ‘awesome physique’, just type in your wrist measurement below.

The second calculator (below) is the Steve Reeves calculator.  Steve Reeves is  considered a legend in bodybuilding and many consider him to have possessed the most flawless and symmetrical physique of all time.  Although he would be considered woefully small by today’s standards,  his physique still garners respect for its aesthetic appeal.  If the Steve Reeves physique is your ideal for an ‘awesome physique’, type your measurements into the calculator below.



You’ll notice that the Steve Reeves calculator does not have a measurement for shoulder width.  Surprisingly Reeves did not provide measurements for this important body part.  However, to get the ideal measurement for shoulder width, multiply the waist measurement of the calculator x 1.618.  This number is considered the Golden Ratio.

Once you have your measurements of the ideal physique you’re after, it’s time to measure yourself. All measurements should be taken in a relaxed state. For example, when measuring your arms, keep them at your side, do not flex them.

Now compare your physique numbers to the numbers of your chosen calculator.  You can easily see which body parts you need to work on the most.  For instance, if your ideal arm measurement is 16 inches and your current arm measurement is already 16 inches, you don’t need to focus a lot of attention on your arms.  You can spend more time bringing up your lagging body parts.

This is where the articles on my blog come in handy.  Utilize them to your advantage and soon you will have the ‘Awesome Physique’ you deserve.